April 15, 2024

Message to My Clients – Upcoming Road Trip and Living Our Best Lives

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Hello All,

I am getting ready to head out next week on my annual road trip to the Midwest with my dog Lily. My wife cannot go this year so Lily is the next best companion! I have made this trip many times in the past 8 years with Lily, and before her, our beautiful dog Dutchtess.

I enjoy road trips. There is a sense of freedom when you have no schedule and you can stop as often as you want to take a break, enjoy the scenery, and just breathe and soak in life. For Lily, the stops are a great chance to find another stick and the bigger the better.

I am heading back to my hometown in Indiana. It is a small agricultural town of about 6,000 people. I love going back there, touring the small towns, driving the country roads and getting back to my roots. I find the miles and miles of soybean fields and cornfields peaceful and beautiful. And of course, I get to reconnect with family.

Below is my montage of pics I took last year.

I am reminding you of my trip for two reasons. 

First, to make sure you know that I am available if you need me. I basically move my office to Indiana for three weeks and continue to work and take care of my clients in between having some fun and relaxing. I have met with most of you in the past month and I owe you the recommendation form summarizing our meeting and action items. I will be working on those over the next few weeks.

Second, I wanted to share with you an example of how I have integrated my work life and my personal life in a way that I enjoy and that works for my wife and me. I spent 28 years in the corporate world under the direction of others. I had a fantastic career and I loved it for the vast majority of those years. However, I always wanted to be in control of my destiny, make all of my own decisions, and create something that was uniquely mine. I love what I am doing and the way in which I am doing it. I have found a way to use my resources to live the best life for me and I want the same for my clients. I love helping you figure out how to live your best life whatever it may be.

Take care,


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