May 26, 2024


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  • The Holistic Financial Plan  – “The purpose of this paper is to explain the distinct benefit holistic financial planning can provide. We believe this model is the future of the profession, as clients increasingly understand they can obtain customized advice on not just taxes, investments, and insurance, but life events such as costly higher education, personal challenges like job concerns, and family matters like aging and ailing parents.”
  • Tax-Alpha: How to Add Measurable Value with Tax-Focused Financial Planning  – “This paper explores why the majority of traditional tax preparers fail to achieve the best tax savings for their clients, and how a tax-focused financial planner, with a deeper client relationship than that of the typical tax preparer, can add substantial value to their clients’ financial lives.”
  • The Financial Planner’s Retainer  – “A reflection of real value. The retainer is a value-based system that increases compatibility with newer service models and aligns the advisor-client relationship, specifically with new fiduciary standards. This white paper explores this evolution and why we believe the retainer model of compensation will continue to grow in relevance and popularity among advisors.”
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